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Bitmark’s mission is to make individuals their own gatekeepers.

We develop cryptographic products that let people collaborate while protecting their activities and assets:

Bitmark’s Story

We started Bitmark in 2014 to build tools for individuals to have safety and independence in our online lives. Even though the Internet is the most powerful collaboration tool ever invented, many people think they are less secure now and believe that it is not possible to go through daily life without being tracked by corporations or governments. We wanted the ability to collaborate with others without vulnerability. Instead of relying on power or wealth to create rules, we set out to give each person cryptographic tools to protect their activities and assets so they can safely collaborate.

Launched in 2016, Bitmark Protocol provided a universal way to own and interact with digital assets and data. We have worked with businesses and creators across life sciences, music, and art. We worked with KKBOX to streamline royalties for beatmakers and producers; we collaborated with Casey Reas to launch Feral File – a hybrid between an online gallery, marketplace, and publisher of artist NFT editions; and went to the heart of data control by architecting a new social network with Blockchain Commons.

However, our most notable work may have been around health data. We partnered with UC Berkeley to empower individuals to donate medical information to public health studies; and we partnered with Health2Sync to create a diabetes data trust where patients could pool their medical data for research at scale. Our work with Pfizer to improve data exchange in clinical trials was seminal in showing that when individuals control their medical data, and share it deliberately, collective health outcomes can improve meaningfully.

Now, we’re on a mission to make individuals their own gatekeepers – not just to their health data, but to all their assets. This year, we released Autonomy – a cryptographic tool to collaborate around digital assets and data without the need for trusted third parties. Right now, Autonomy is the best way to enjoy your NFT collection. Over time we will extend Autonomy to more assets. Here is our master plan:

  1. Bring Autonomy to NFTs (eg: art, music).
  2. Extend Autonomy to Bitcoin.
  3. Extend Autonomy again to personal data (eg: FB, health).

Our vision is to create a cryptographic standard to own and interact with digital assets and data, across any blockchain. This would finally achieve collaboration on the Internet without vulnerability.


Sean Moss-Pultz
Co-founder and CEO
Bitmark Inc.