Mission & Values

Our mission is to define digital property, defend it, and make it economically divisible.

Property rights were invented for land (real property) and ideas (intellectual property), but these rights do not extend to the digital world. Instead, digital properties can easily be duplicated and shared without consent. Without established property rights, they essentially become valueless.

This is not a new problem: the same issue can exist for physical assets such as land, resulting in the tragedy of the commons: land is abused because there is no individual incentive to protect it. Only when land ownership rights are clearly defined and defended is land management incentivized, resulting in wealth generation for the individual and the state.

The Bitmark Digital Property System (BDPS) adapts this solution for the internet age by enabling property rights for valuable digital assets such as health data, digital art, song rights, digital collectibles, and medical records. Bitmark secures digital property registration through Bitmark certificates (property titles), enabling economic trade of those properties between individuals, governments, corporations, and institutions at global scale.

Data is the world’s next major asset class. Bitmark defends this evolution of property rights —beyond physical property, past intellectual property— for data and digital assets.


Bitmark is optimistic yet skeptical

  • Be humble.
  • Accept that you may not know exactly how to reach the destination.
  • Embrace the practice of trying, knowing you may not succeed.

Rigorous yet intrepid

  • Experiment.
  • Go as deep as you have to go to understand and teach others.
  • Take risks skillfully, courageously.

Radical yet respectful

  • Listen.
  • Take a position but respect people who disagree.
  • Be able to disagree and commit.
  • Build upon the existing world, not tear it down.
  • Decentralize and embrace freedom without introducing anarchy.


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