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Facebook Escape Hatch

How can people start a new social movement where they are in control of their personal data?

SPRING is an “escape hatch” for anyone frustrated by Facebook’s repeated abuse of our personal data. SPRING empowers Facebook users to get their data back and understand how it’s being used.

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IP Rights for Beat Makers

How can beat makers protect and profit directly from their beats?

OURBEAT empowers beat makers to sell their beats directly and receive the royalty payments they’ve been missing. The Bitmark Protocol secures licensing and publishing agreements.

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A2P — Casey Reas
Digital Art Collecting

How can artists thrive in the digital art world?

Artist-to-Peer “A2P” empowers artists working in the digital format to experiment and explore new ways of distributing and trading digital images, videos, and animations. The Bitmark Protocol secures provenance, keeping track of editions of digital works and recording changes in ownership.

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MATCH — Pfizer
Clinical Trial Matching

How can patients share medical records without sacrificing privacy?

MATCH empowers individual patients to interact directly with institutions. The Bitmark Protocol enables matching, at low transaction costs, while securing data privacy in clinical trials.

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DONATE — UC Berkeley
Public Health Research

How can researchers attract more diverse participants for public health studies?

DONATE empowers individual citizens to donate personal health data to advance public health research. The Bitmark Protocol secures the consent while providing peace of mind that the data is kept private.

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