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Bitmark Protocol

The Interface to the Internet of Value

Starting with Satoshi’s P2P electronic cash, blockchains are transforming the Internet into a world where value can be exchanged without intermediaries. Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized assets like NFTs are just the beginning. An enormous wave of innovation is on the horizon. Bitmark Protocol is the developer’s interface to the Internet of Value. It provides a standardized representation of any asset, on any blockchain. If your application needs collaboration around assets, Bitmark Protocol is your protocol.

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Interfacing with the Internet of Value
Bitmark Protocol provides a standardized representation of any asset across any blockchain along with the cryptography necessary to control it. This solves interoperability and the need to record all interactions on-chain. The Protocol also enables fine-grained functionality and restrictions like access control and delegation without having to create expensive, slow on-chain transactions.

Scalable for Individuals to Fortune 500s
The Bitmark Protocol has been in production since 2016, and used by organizations such UC Berkeley, KKBOX, and Pfizer to protect consent, scarcity, and provenance. More than one million data records are secured across industries as diverse as healthcare, music, art, and finance.

Easily Solve Complex Multi-Stakeholder Problems
Privacy and collaboration is a bear of a problem. Bitmark Protocol is a ready-to-go fix for handling personal health data, royalty payments for creative works, and access controls around cryptocurrencies. Bitmark Protocol will handle the security and privacy details so you can go to market faster with a tested blockchain solution.

Clinical Trial Matching
with Pfizer

Streamlined the enrollment of candidates in clinical trials while protecting individuals’ privacy.

Read Pfizer’s paper (Digital Medicine)

with Casey Reas

A hybrid between an online gallery, marketplace, and publisher of artist editions. Invigorating the future of exhibiting, curating, and collecting digital media in partnership with the digital art community through Bitmark NFTs.

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with UC Berkeley

An open-source, neighborhood public health forecasting app that merged institutional data with citizen data in a privacy-protecting manner. Helped UC Berkeley reopen campus and keep its community safe.

Learn more about Safe Campus

Facebook Escape Hatch

SPRING is an “escape hatch” for anyone frustrated by Facebook’s disregard for its users. SPRING helps you get your Facebook data and finally understand how it’s being (ab)used.

Access the source code

with KKBOX

Beats radio streaming app that helps beatmakers promote, sell, license and collect royalties from their work in just one step.

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Bitmark Protocol Specs

SDK (JavaScript, Swift, Java, or Go)

Tezos (coming in Q3 2022)
Bitcoin (coming Q4 2022)

RPC over https and TLS
REST API for network status
P2P over ZeroMQ protocol

Mobile (iOS, Android)