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Art and Blockchain [Part1]: VRintelligentART and the Bitmark Blockchain

Art and Blockchain [Part1]: VRintelligentART and the Bitmark Blockchain I just recently bought my first two pieces of #VRintelligentART and thought, that the process and underlying blockchain technology is interesting enough to share with you. The output for numbers 2 and 3 on DApp Gen1 VRintelligentART I came across this digital art project through a small conversation, that […]

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a renter.

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a renter. The important differences between copyright, licensing agreements, and property titles. Bitmark allows property titles to be assigned to digital content and data. The ownership and history of these titles, which we call “bitmarks” are recorded in the blockchain. We aim to extend traditional property rights into the digital […]

Bitmark + IFTTT: How to take ownership of your digital life and plan your estate.

The process of preparing for the transfer of assets after death is known as estate planning. Estate, a common law term, means an individual’s property, entitlements, and obligations. In modern society, legal systems have elegant solutions for handling the assets that we accumulate and create in the physical world.

What’s in a property title?

When I talk to people about Bitmark there is confusion about digital property. I think most of this confusion boils down to what exactly is in a property title (or in the digital realm, a “bitmark”), and what is in the asset itself.

What is your digital fire drill?

If you were in an accident, would your loved ones be able to gain access to your digital valuables — your personal data and digital assets — if you were incapacitated? If you were to die tomorrow, which pieces of your digital property would you want your loved ones to have?

All Future Supply Chains Will Contain Digital Assets; How the Bitmark team won the International Blockchain Hackathon

On March 29–30, 2017, Intel, The Floor, and The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) hosted the hackathon with intent to create blockchain solutions for leading financial institutions. Among an atmosphere of intense innovation, many worthy startups attempted to create real solutions for leading world banks, using blockchain technology.