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Use case – Rights for Hyperledger

How can Bitmark’s public digital property titles secure the value of private digital properties in Hyperledger’s permissioned blockchain? Even when a digital property is stored on a permissioned or private blockchain, a public title is necessary: property rights are verified by the fact that their claims are known. Contact us with Questions and for Pricing. […]

Use case – Pooling Siloed Data

How can you connect data sets that are isolated for security and legal reasons? Bitmark Data Trusts are independent, privacy-preserving marketplaces that aggregate previously siloed data into large-scale datasets; Bitmark acts as a clearinghouse enforcing the property rights around each transaction. Contact us with Questions and for Pricing. First introduced to accelerate diabetes research with […]

Use case – Physical Anti-Counterfeiting

How can you eliminate hardware warranty fraud if the product’s design is open source? Facing a situation similar to the counterfeiting issue that manufacturers face across many industries, Chibitronics used Bitmark to distinguish its own manufactured products from those with the exact same design. Contact us with Questions and for Pricing. Read about ObjectMinutiae, our […]