Why Property Rights Matter

Property rights create economic opportunity.

In his seminal work that won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Ronald Coase postulated that clear and easily transferable property rights allow economic activity to take place by removing the friction of negotiating and enforcing contracts. Bitmark applies this to the digital environment, offering individuals and companies the benefits of digital property rights.

Property rights for data: history of property

Property rights matter because of the benefits that accrue from minimizing the friction of contracts:

  • Social inclusion. You can register property rights for your digital assets and data with minimal barriers to entry.
  • Economic stability. You can license, buy, or sell digital property, ultimately generating wealth from your property rights.
  • Environmental stewardship. You can be part of a system that normalizes respect for property usage and that incentivizes the protection and growth of digital assets.

Bitmark provides the infrastructure to support these rights at global scale, securing property rights to your digital assets and data and supporting your ability to trade them. Our tools defend these new economic rights from any central authority or third party who may want to control them for their own benefit.


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