Introducing Bitmark

The property system for the digital environment.

Bitmark is a peer-to-peer property system that enables individuals to claim ownership over personal data and digital assets.

Distributed Digital Economy

Bitmark establishes ownership of digital things by allowing anyone to issue digital property titles, or bitmarks. Each bitmark is uniquely identifiable, fully encrypted, and has an unforgeable provenance. A bitmark can be sold or transferred just as easily as physical property through a secure peer-to-peer system.

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  1. Issue Bitmarks and Create Listing
    Bitmark allows users to assert real ownership claims on any type of digital asset by issuing secure property titles that can be bought, sold, and transferred just like physical goods.
  2. Buy Bitmarked Property
    Bitmark allows peer-to-peer sales that enables users to directly sell or transfer their digital property to anyone.
  3. Confirm Transactions for Bitmarked Property
    Because private account information is not stored in the Bitmark registry, each Bitmark sale or transfer record requires a confirmation to complete the transaction.
  4. Remove Listing for Bitmarked Property
    Bitmarked property that is listed for sale can be removed from listing at anytime.