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The Internet is under attack. When companies like Facebook inserted themselves in the middle of our communications, they undermined our ability to trust information. At the heart of this problem is personal data.

From fake news to deepfakes, we are rapidly moving towards a society that can no longer trust information. Personal data is the fuel Facebook uses to match and maximize advertising revenue. Personal data is what allows advertisers to manipulate our information, using our deepest fears, insecurities, and desires against us.

Bitmark was founded in 2014 to fix and restore trust in the Internet. We wanted to show the world that being able to trust data would lead to a better future for all. Today, Bitmark builds not only the protocol to restore trust in data but also consumer apps that empower humans in the digital age. Bitmark believes the faster the world moves to an Internet where data can be trusted, the better.

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When the provenance of data can be trusted, information can be trustworthy again, and people’s lives can be enriched by data. That’s the future we want.

How it works

Bitmark Protocol

The Bitmark protocol provides a set of rules governing how data can be held, used, and exchanged. Data can be held locally or in the cloud. The protocol provides safe, low-cost access control without requiring a trusted third party.

Secure Provenance

Data can be transferred peer-to-peer, creating an unforgeable provenance. The protocol is end-to-end and uses a blockchain to secure records in a public ledger, distributed across the world.

Rights Framework

When data is registered, a “Bitmark Certificate” is created that represents the bundle of legal rights to the data, transforming it into a more accessible and valuable resource. Apps and services can safely use this data to enrich people’s lives.

Recent projects


Empowering beat makers to sell their beats directly and receive the royalty payments they’ve been missing.

MATCH — Pfizer

Empowering individual patients to interact directly with institutions in the clinical trials they need.

DONATE — UC Berkeley

Empowering individual citizens to donate personal health data to advance public health research.


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