Introducing Bitmark

The Peer-to-Peer Property System

Bitmark is a distributed ownership registry that enables individuals to claim ownership over personal data and digital assets.

Distributed Digital Economy

Bitmark establishes property rights to digital things by allowing anyone to issue digital property titles, or bitmarks. Each bitmark is uniquely identifiable, fully encrypted, and has an unforgeable provenance. A bitmark can be sold or transferred just as easily as physical property through a secure peer-to-peer system. The Bitmark Property System empowers individuals to exert complete granular control over their digital property so they can safely and confidently participate in the emerging data economy.

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What could you bitmark?

As with a patent or trademark, it’s hard to immediately understand why bitmarks are useful. Here are a few ideas:

  • Crowdfund a video game by selling ownership first then send the game over the BitTorrent protocol when you’re done. Your work is fully protected.
  • Start a marketplace for personal fitness data. Democratize the ability to profit from our quantified lifestyles.
  • Sell an artwork in limited digital editions that can appreciate in value and be resold.
  • Create a copy of your passport and send it (encrypted) to only your lawyer.
  • Publish an e-book and receive full analytics from every sale. You own the customer relationship.

Benefits of Ownership

  1. Real property rights
    Bitmark allows users to assert real ownership claims to any digital or physical property. Because bitmarks function as secure property titles, they integrate digital objects into established property systems and enable owners to buy and sell their data just like physical goods.
  2. Data security & accountability
    Bitmark’s public key cryptography allows data owners to securely encrypt and transfer properties so that only designated owners can decrypt them. Each bitmark’s unique digital fingerprint permanently links it to the corresponding property. Digital signatures ensure full accountability of all ownership records within the open and decentralized Bitmark blockchain.
  3. Direct value
    Bitmark gives users the tools to value their data — not just in the sense of caring about it, but valuing data as real property within a global economy. Bitmark’s decentralized marketplace enables users to directly sell, lend, or donate their digital property to anyone, while maintaining complete control over customer analytics and communications.
  4. Global property system
    Bitmark provides an open property model that integrates instantly into existing services. By focusing on the essentials of property rights, Bitmark eliminates the need for complicated licensing contracts. Bitmark’s decentralized design and open protocols ensure that the system and data survive forever.
  5. Protection & privacy by design
    Built on similar cryptographic standards that secure the Bitcoin network, Bitmark has uncrackable data security baked right in. Bitmark’s decentralized blockchain protects your property from influence by any single organization or government. Access can be restricted to verified owners, providing property rights protection that empowers users instead of handicapping them.